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Mike Lee - boxing

With a 18-0 perfect professional record that includes 9 KO’s, Mike Lee is a bright, hardworking quick learning, power-punching professional boxer with a deep motivation to be a champion. Lee, 28, was born in Chicago, Ill., on June 17, 1987. He started his athletic career at linebacker on the school football team at Benet Academy in Wheaton, Ill., and took up boxing the summer following his senior year of high school. Lee first stepped into the ring as a competitive boxer at his dream school, the University of Notre Dame, after transferring from the University of Missouri following his freshman year. While at Notre Dame, Lee was a three-time Bengal Bouts champion (a school tournament started by Knute Rockne, which raises money for the children of Bangladesh). In the summer of 2008, Lee spent 15 formative days in Bangladesh as part of the university’s Holy Cross Missions of Bangladesh – forever instilling him a desire to give back.


dr. Jason Wersland - physical therapist

I’m Dr. Jason S. Wersland, DC, a sports chiropractic physician and founder and inventor of the TheraGun. After being in a motorcycle accident that caused a disc herniation, leading to intense pain and eventual atrophy, I recognized an extraordinary need for an effective home or mobile treatment device for patients to use as they needed.

In addition, as an athlete and sports physician, I recognized athletes’ unique need to aid in their own muscle recovery. As a physician, I wanted the best product for both ease of use and effectiveness. As a practitioner, I wanted a less expensive, more efficient and accessible product than what was available on the market. To solve this problem, I spent 8 years developing the TheraGun. With its unique frequency, ease of use and price point, the TheraGun was engineered to effectively treat sore, lactic-acid filled muscles and other muscle-related conditions.



Dom is Los Angeles local born and raised in Pacific Palisades. Since childhood he always had a keen interest in how the body worked and how to heal it. Dom has been a licensed massage therapist for the past 10 years and received his Massage Therapy Certification from The California Healing Arts College. 

Over the years he has worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from the everyday person to the professional athlete training at the elite level. He has worked with clients that have had serious illnesses such as Cerebral Palsy and ALD (adrenomyloneuropathy) and greatly reduced the clients discomfort and muscle tension. He has also practiced with a local Chiropractor for the past 5 years assisting the doctor in rehabilitating his clients. 

Dom specializes in Deep Tissue and Sports Therapy and blends a variety of therapeutic techniques including Myosfascial Telease, Trigger Point, and Oscillation (Trager Method) into each session. His bodywork focuses on specific complaints and injuries, but still incorporates a healing therapeutic flow that is very relaxing and stress reducing. 



Kelly has been practicing yoga on and off since 2004, but began practicing regularly in 2008 when she had an internship at a financial company in downtown Chicago. During lunch and after work, she took classes with Vinnie Hunihan at Akal Yoga Studio in the Chicago Board of Trade Building. She discovered that yoga was a way to reduce stress and find mental clarity.

While earning her degree in Finance and Marketing at Northeastern University, she practiced at Back Bay Yoga Studio in Boston trying various styles including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Anusara, Forrest, and Yin Yoga.

In the summer of 2010, Kelly completed the 200-hour Teacher Training with YogaWorks in Santa Monica, CA with Kia Miller and Sonya Cottle. In 2012 she completed Moksha's 500-hr training program.

Through yoga Kelly discovered her true passion - sharing the joys of yoga with others and creating a conscious, kind yoga community.



For the past 16 years I have studied nutrition and strength training. I started learning about nutrition at a young age as a wrestler. I needed to stay as strong and lean as possible while ensuring I get proper nutrition. Tat catapulted me into a short stint in mixed martial arts. Again I needed to perform at my best and neutron is the secret ingredient when it comes to that. I have had plenty experience gaining muscle and leaning out. So i know what it takes to put on mean mass as well as losing body fat properly. This lead me into what I do now, which is a personal trainer and crossfire cos. I have been a personal trainer the last 3 years and help people hit their diet fails. I now compete in crossfire constantly trying to gain lean body mass while staying at a low body fat percentage to still be able to compete. Nutrition should be the basis of any strength and consigning program in order to get the most desirable results. 

  • 2 amateur mixed martial arts giths
  • 2014 Crossfit Southern California regionals 27th place
  • 2016 Crossfit California regionals 29th place


Julian was born April 12, 1991 in Lafayette, Indiana. Through his childhood, he demonstrated a great aptitude in combat sports having never lost a Tae Kwon Do match in his entire life. At age 17, Julian entered the Indiana Golden Gloves, a statewide boxing tournament, on 3 weeks notice, taking home the gold. Since then, his life has never been the same. He was brought out to Los Angeles, California to compete in the 2012 London Olympics. In preparation for the Olympic Games he reached new heights as a amateur national champion, sparring partner for world champions while working as a strength and conditioning coach for some of the best fighters in the world. Die to a series of hand injures, he decided to break away from the dream of becoming a professional boxer. Currently, Julian is the trainer of Hollywood's hottest celebrities and top ranked combat athletes at Wildcard West in Santa Monica, California.