My background comes from Athletic performance training and large group training.  Now one of my main focuses is coming to large companies and start-ups for corporate wellness programs and bootcamps for the employees.  We offer a fun high energy training session that offers group and team challenges every week so that employees are involved in the process.   We can either set up a gym from scratch at your location, bring our own equipment, or do a training on the beach.  We are eager to start working to make your company stronger!


A large portion of your health care spending is driven by unhealthy lifestyle behaviors that include lack of exercise, poor diet, and stress.  Our comprehensive Health and Wellness Coaching Services combine strength and conditioning regimens with nutritional programs that maximize workouts, increase strength and stamina, and maximize an employee’s overall health and  work performance. Through our corporate boot camps and individual sessions our focus is on your employees well being through diet, nutrition, fit plans, goal setting, tracking, and more. Our ability to instruct, motivate and educate athletes and non athletes of all ages creates an environment where personal and professional goals are successfully executed. We have trained over 100 professional and collegiate athletes and have been featured in Men’s Journal and Yahoo Health.  The goal is to educate your employees on the importance of establishing realistic goals that will promote compliance to a lifelong exercise and nutrition regimen.